Special need requires specific approach!

Special need requires specific approach!


This project aims to improve the human rights of people with disabilities by providing them equal rights with the regular people for getting part of nature and its healing affect; improve the fame of the organization and the ability of nature guides to provide nature guide service for larger population.

The target group of the projects are nature guides who are willing to provide the service for people with special needs; and also the people with special needs themselves, who are involved in the project during the internship, so that the nature guides get as realistic practice as possible.

During the project there will be held a meeting with different partners and experts for creating the best training program for the nature guides. After the program’s theoretical part the guides will be carrying out an internship with the target group itself. The participants and partners will end up finishing the project by decorating the christmas tree together, the nature guides will get certificates and will be able to provide the service for people with special needs regionally.

As a result of the project the rights of people with special needs will be improved, which is in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. There will be new trained nature guides for people with disabilities all over Estonia. The capability of NGO Ökokratt will be improved due to new specialists who are able to intermediate nature to larger population.

The partners of the project are Türi Toimetulekukool, Foundation Haraka Kodu, Salu School – they represent the target group - people with disabilities at the practice and finish part of the project. NGO Estonian Carers is participating as an expert adviser in all activities. Estonian Estonian Association of Tourist Guides is participating in informing and carrying out the training program.

The grant of EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 programme  is 7500 euros.