Compiling business plan for developing the service of senses therapy in plant and sound garden

The aim of the project is to develop and offer therapeutic and rehabilitative new services that are targeted for elderly, disabled people,  people with special needs and caregivers, but also for children. The service will be provided in, known as first, senses garden in Estonia, which is divided into six thematic garden of which each one enriches and enhances different senses - seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and combing. Target groups of the project – SA Eesti Puuetega Inimeste Koda, MTÜ Eesti Omastehooldus, Haraka Kodu, Türi Toimetulekukool – will be involved for the discussion of service development and quality; different specialists will also be involved in the project for expert advice.

National Foundation of Civil Society (NFCS) grant is 2,392.32€