Community theatre

"Let’s do community theatre with the volunteers about the rebellion of peasants in Karinu manor in 1805"

The main aim of the project is to promote democracy and initiative of citizens in the region to increase the capacity of NGOs. By increasing coherence and integration, and reducing isolation, the willingness of trust and cooperation will be accomplished. As a result the third sector and voluntary contribution will be more active - civil society will be empowered. During the project there will be carried out workshops about involving, event organizing, improving financial capacity and communication. There will be different interactive studying methods used, which makes the workshops more practical and attractive for the target group.

As a culmination of the project there will be carried out 2 performances of Estonian historical rebellion (23rd of June and 17th of August), which scenario will be written by the interviews and archival material. Community theatre is also good to increase the identity and fellow feeling of local people. These qualities are one of the most important foundations of the civil society.